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RE: Architectural plans

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I don't know of any sites where this type of information is presented, but have you thought about contacting a few local architects.  They might be able to provide you with a set of plans for an old project that you could use for this purpose.
Some might be reluctant to for reasons of copyright, intellectual property, but surely someone would be willing to help.
An upside to this is that if you have plans for a building that's already built in your area, a field trip could be made to reinforce the experience.
Good luck
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Sent: Sunday, July 25, 1999 9:26 AM
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Subject: Architectural plans

I'm looking for design examples on buildings (not residential houses but office or residential buildings, i.e. three stories or more).  I've been searching the web for plans (and maybe a couple of views) but I've been unable to find anything that I could use. 
The purpose is to provide a set of plans to a group of engineering students so as to discuss EQ design on this kind of structures.
This plans don't have to be very detailed, in fact, the distribution of different areas and general dimensions would be OK.  They don't have to belong to structures built in EQ prone areas either, because one of the aims of the exercise is to discuss how to make an architect's dream a reality (as Dennis wisely pointed out not so long ago).
Does any of you know of a url from which I could get this stuff?
Thanks in advance.
Rodrigo Lema.