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RE: Reinforced Concrete Blockwork Construction

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Jeffery Seegert wrote:
"In many areas of the country horizontal reinforcement is installed in
U-shaped bond beam blocks as opposed to concrete tie beams."

In partially reinforced masonry walls few masons will install a bond beam
unless it is a "knock out" bond beam unit.  The "knock out" bond beams are
installed over fabric or lath grout barriers to keep the grout from flowing
into the vertical cells below.  The "U" shaped bond beams are reserved for
lintels.  That way you don't have to knock holes into the bottom a "U"
shaped bond beam to run the vertical rebar through.

This detail is shown in the US Army Corps of Engineers "Masonry Details",
Sept 1997, detail 3.1.  I could not find it on their web site.  Although
they do have a detail of the "knock out" bond beam.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

Harold Sprague