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RE: Diaphragm Mechanics

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A simplified method is to analyze the floor diaphragm as a deep beam with
the supports being the locations of the shear walls/lateral frames.  Draw
the shear and moment diagrams and calculate the shear flow required at each
joint in the wood diaphragm.  This shear flow will help you select the
correct nailing pattern.  This method is based on mechanics and not load
tests and is one of several methods that can be utilized.  So, applying the
appropriate safety factors to this analysis you can achieve a design that
you are comfortable with.  

William J. Keil, P.E.

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Subject: Diaphragm Mechanics

Does anyone have a decent reference to calculate the strength of a wood
diaphragm by mechanics?  There are too many options to simply rely on
the UBC table.  None of the UBC, '97 NDS, or Wood LRFD provisions have
methods that can be followed.  The LRFD provisions tell you what to
consider, but no methodology.  No hurry this time, just looking for
background information.  Someone even told me that the tables are merely
test results, not calculated.

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT