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RE: Design of bollards

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My company did a protective gate design around a government facility a
few years ago.  I remember the problem growing into something pretty
complicated. We had tremendous forces due to our assumed vehicle speed
of 55 mph at impact.  After we were finished with the project (too late
to change anything) I had the idea of limiting the vehicle approach
speed by using speed bumps.  If your bollards get out of hand, I might
suggest something like speed bumps to limit the vehicle velocity prior
to impact.  How fast can a person drive over speed bumps?  I'll leave
that one to somebody else!

Michael Ritter, PE

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> Mark,
> If these bollards are to be used for high speed vehicle impacts (such
> as in
> phyiscal security applications) and you need to provide a bollard
> rated at
> a certain kinetic energy level, you can get some typical designs from
> the
> following reference.
> D. T. Nebuda (US Army Corps of Engineers), PROTECTION AGAINST
> Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C., Vol. 2, Rev. 1, Dec. 1994.
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> At 10:09 AM 27-07-1999 -0700, you wrote:
> >Can anybody on this list point me to a standard that deals with the
> design
> >of bollards to resist the impact of motor vehicles.  I often have to
> deal
> >with them on projects yet nobody seems to know what design criteria
> should
> >be nor what sort of design methodology is used.
> >
> >Thanks in advance for any assistance.
> >
> >Mark Gilligan
> >