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RE: Simpson Strong Tie Lateral Design Software

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Title: RE: Simpson Strong Tie Lateral Design Software

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Within MODEL, the building is graphically input, in 3-D.  This includes all bearing and non bearing walls, doors, windows, and horizontal framing systems for both roof and floor.  Specific lines of shear resistance and the walls within that line to be included as shear walls are set here.  Also, building loads are specified here.  When that is done the next module, STRUCTURE, captures the building geometry and checks that a complete load path for gravity loads has been established.  Member end reactions are also developed and tracked.  Once this is complete, LATERAL can be run.  Within LATERAL, all parameters for seismic analysis can be set.  There are extensive user preference abilities so that the "answer" follows logic that the user would employ.  In addition to the traditional flexible diaphragm approach to distributing shear, a rigid diaphragm analysis can also be performed.  While the user can select answers for flexible or rigid, bracketing the solution with the worst from each case can also be selected.  In developing the rigid analysis, we have used the four part APA equations for shearwall deflection.  Given the form of the nail slip equations, this leads to literally thousands of iterations for moderately complex structures.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that computers are fast these days, so performing these thousands of iterations doesn't take very long. 

I'll stop at this point as there is much, much more to the programs than what I've alluded to here, not to mention other programs offered by Keymark Enterprises.  For further technical information about KeyLAT contact Keymark's two primary engineers involved with this project: Chief Engineer Brad Cameron, P.E. ( bcameron(--nospam--at) or project engineer John Drozdek, E.I.T. ( jdrozdek(--nospam--at)   A demonstration version of the program will be shipping soon, and it can be ordered from our web site at  For further information about the complete line software products available from Keymark Enterprises, visit their web site at

Steve Pryor, S.E.
Technical Manager, Lateral Force Resisting Systems
Simpson Strong-Tie