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RE: Camber

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Title: Camber
Let him use the same channel in the next bay and ask him if the induced deflection from the wet concrete is still in it after it's removed.  Per his logic, it will be, therefore he can just turn it upside down for the next bay after that one.  This way, only every other bay will have too much slab in the middle. :>)
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Subject: Camber

is it possible for camber in a member used as a flat slab form purlin to dissappear following its design load application ?

spec'd 3/4" midspan camber in simple span channel to be reused in repeat bay forming system application.
design stress under wet concrete loading was 65% of allowable.
am i not in the elastic range and should i not see the camber return upon from and purlin removal ?

channels are dead straight now and fabricator is arguing that the camber "dissappears" following use, even with no current load in the channel.

thoughts ?


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