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Re: Interaction with SEA - when will it start

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As you may know, the Seismology Committee is meeting on Friday and Saturday, 
August 13th & 14th, in Los Angeles. One of the agenda items is wood diaphragm 
design issues which have receiverd considerable discussion in the last few 

The Committee will delibrate and finalize the Commentary on this issue to 
appear in the Seismic Desing Manual as well as in the 2000 Blue Book. I will 
make sure that this inforamtion is put on the web in a timely manner. 

As always the meeting is open to every one and by contacting Saif Hussain 
(current chair) you can find out the approximate time when this issue will be 
discussed, if anyone is interested to attend the meeting. Copies of comments 
(from concerned members) have been circulated among committee delegates.

Hopefully the resolution will please many if not everyone.

Thanks again Dennis for your continued efforts and keeping this list a 
productive and active forum for constructive discussions.

Ali Sadre