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Re: Design of bollards

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In Fremont,  we had a disturbed citizen drive his pickup truck with camper 
shell into an open weed field and turn around to drive directly at our animal 
shelter at about 40 mph, jump the concrete curb, and crash thru a window 
wall, counters, an interior wood wall and then stop about 35 feet into the 
building.  Then,  the "suspect" backed out of the building and drove away 
several blocks before crashing into another vehicle.  So,  speed bumps in my 
opinion would not be much of a deterrent.  We've added bollards when we 
repaired the building.

Ron Fong
Fremont,  CA

In a message dated 7/28/1999 7:06:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
PaulC(--nospam--at) writes:

 > speed by using speed bumps.  If your bollards get out of hand, I might
 > suggest something like speed bumps to limit the vehicle velocity prior
 > to impact.  How fast can a person drive over speed bumps?  I'll leave
 > that one to somebody else!
 I once witnessed a large 70's Buick drive directly at (and over) a high
 curb at about 35 mph and keep going undeterred, though the creaking noises
 from the undercarriage suggested it was a really bad idea if the life of
 the car is a concern (I think that the driver was trying to evade police at
 the time, so the car's well-being was not an issue).  Based on that
 experience, I would be a little wary of relying on speed bumps.
 Paul Crocker >>