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Re: Odd Shaped Concrete Column Software

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Many years ago I obtained some software from the Army Corps of Engineers at
the Waterways Experiment Station (WES) which included a couple of DOS
programs for design of reinforced concrete sections.  These programs are a
bit dated now and they only analyze the cross section but, they are still
useful tools.  Both programs handle biaxial moments plus axial loads on
general cross sections which can have voids.  I'm sure there are other
commercially available programs (such as PCACOL) that would be more user
friendly with more capabilities.  But, one nice thing about the WES
programs is that they are free.

1. Program CGSI - Concrete General Strength Investigation (X0061) based on
ACI 318-77 strength design methods

2. Program CGFAG - Concrete General Flexure Analysis (X8008) for working
tress analysis of general reinforced concrete sections

I have not contacted WES to find out if these programs are still available
or if newer versions are available now.  I leave that up to you if you're
interested.  The availability of the free WES software was announced in one
of the ACI journals so it was announced publicly.  Here's the address I had
sent my request to (along with a blank floppy):

Commander and Director
USAE Waterways Experiment Station
P.O. Box 631
Vicksburg, MS 49181
Attn: CEWES-1M-SC/Engineer
      Computer Programs Library

This topic was previously discussed on the SEAOC list servcie a couple of
years ago.  Someone posted a reply mentioning a commercially available
program called ARCI which supposedly can analyze arbitray shaped R/C cross
sections.  I had requested a copy of the demo program but never used it so
I can't say anything about it.  Maybe you can search the archives for
'ARCI' and see if that leads anywhere.

Walt Sawruk
EQE International, Inc.
Shillington, PA
email: ws(--nospam--at)

At 10:37 AM 30-07-1999 -0400, you wrote:
>To All,
>	Does anyone know of any software that will design non conventional shape
>concrete columns (L-shapes for instance)?  The program will have to be able
>to design bi-axially.
>		Thanks,
>		Todd Blake