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Re: Drift at top and rotation/curvature

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Thank you all for your preseient comments.

I believe we have now reached the phase in this thread of Paralysis by

This is why I love struct-eng:

Effective Stiffness
Nominal Strength
et al

Looking back at my original posting, Drift vs Rotation is apparently an
OXYMORON. There is no such relationship.

Plastic Hinge Rotation occurs when the inelastic response is flexure

Drift occurs when the inelastic response is controlled by Shear.

UNLESS of course we consider the RC Column as a
pseudo-inverted-quasi-coupling beam, in which case the operative,
irrespective of what governs the inelastic response (flexure or shear),
is chord rotation.

And chord rotation = delta / length.

How simple!!


--- Ed Workman <eworkman(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> You are confusing design of the primary lateral load resisting system
> with
> compatibility drift.
> It is not necessary or even possible to assure strong column/less
> strong
> beam action in the "gravity" system. It is necessary to assure that
> collapse
> of these elements will not occur.

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