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Re: Redundancy Factor

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 In light of the convoluted mess the rigid diaphragm
 analysis requires, and the recent disclosures about
 the new Code Rho factor, I am recommending that
 local building officials adopt an amendment to the
 1997 Code allowing seismic design to conform to the
 requirements of the 1994 UBC until this mess has
 been cleared up.
Lynn, you have an excellent point.  I too will write to all the departments 
that I deal with.  I don't know if I'll have any success; I'm with you 
though, Hopefully all the key people will join in. (and the general 
membership-this is no time to sit idle, especially for those of us whose main 
workload is wood framed structures).  

How about somebody will write a letter that is acceptable to majority of the 
members and that letter will be attached individually to those members who 
would like to write their departments whom they are dealing with.  This way 
we will have uniformity since we are talking about the same thing.

Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.