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Seismology Committee Meeting August 13 to review Wood Draft of Blue Book

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I have been in contact with SEAOC members who will participate in the August 
13 Seismology committee meeting. I was sent a draft of the Proposed Blue Book 
Section C805 - a four page document addressing the provisions of section 

I would recommend that individuals with specific comments regarding the 
application of the '97 UBC provisions for wood submit constructive comments 
(not simply emotional criticism ) to the seismology Listservice at 
seismo-all(--nospam--at) I do not know if submissions from outside the 
seismology committee can be posted on that list, but we should try. If not, I 
would request that one of the members who is participating on this list be 
willing to print our comments and submit them at the meeting for 

I wish to take this avenue because we are ridiculed for not participating in 
the code creation, blocked from participating by virtual means and ignored by 
the most members of seismology who support the new code but do not wish to 
discuss it with the general professional community. There must be an avenue 
to break down the barrier so that seismology members stop thinking of our 
discussions as personal attacks but the cries of those of us who need 
supportive information to apply the provisions of the code in a manner to 
insure our clients safety. 

Therefore, I remind all of our list members to submit their comments in as 
professional manner to be supportive of the need to open a line of 
communication between policy makers and those who are required to impliment 

Dennis S. Wish PE

In a message dated 7/30/99 5:38:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
cgreenlaw(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Thanks, Ron Hamburger, for the refreshingly candid and honorable revelation
 that the rho factor for shear walls went astray in Seismology Committee.
 Your info comfirms what had become readily apparent to me in the last two
 days since I finally began to get familiar with the rho factor on my own,
 reading the 97 UBC in its CBC-adopted edition I held out for, hoping it
 would bear corrections to glitches. I avoided the seminars and manuals in
 order to avoid being prejudiced by other people's notions until after
 forming my own from the code language itself.
 You confirm in your description that shear wall examples deliberated for the
 rho factor were concrete walls for tilt-ups, not wood panels like are
 ubiquitous in residential. This too I suspected. It is significant. And Bob
 Bossi confirms that it was Seismology Committee, not industry or others
 remote from SEAOC, that originated the rho factor, and that the committee
 has a combative stance toward dissenters.
 At this point I am going to copy in a message I sent privately to Dennis
 Wish very early this same day, Friday 7-30, before this thread took off. It
 will have to be in two installments. The first gives the results of my
 discoveries in the last two days about how haywire the rho factor is in wood
 frame work. It was readily discoverable just by taking an interest and
 testing among a few simple possibilities in a day's time starting cold. I
 thought the Committee did that sort of verification.
 The second part continues on the rho factor, and then gets into what I think
 the implications are for SEAOC, its damaged integrity, and a suggested
 reorganization to end the too-often recurrences of this type of debacle,
 which hits residential engineering practice and practitioners especially
 hard. This second part is brutal. But it is directed at problems that came
 from people, not at the individuals personally. Hurt feelings are likely,
 not improper, and not necessarily counterproductive. Many recent and present
 Committee members are respected friends from past years, and still will be.  
 Charles O. Greenlaw SE    Sacramento CA
 Past Seismology Comm. Member during 1982-88 Blue Book rewrite, specializing
 in Wood Section tasked to SEAOCC, Past SEAOC Director for two separate
 two-year terms. Presently on SEAOC Prof Pract Comm.
 -------------------------------------------------------------- >>