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RE: Wind loading in Miami

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The South Florida Building Code; Dade County Edition, (It is very
important to know if your in Dade or Broward County as Dade county
basically has rewritten itself from its own requirements similar to the
way Los Angeles has its own code)

I believe the latest edition is '97 or '98.  If you go just a little
north, you need to use the Broward County Edition.  If this is your
first expedition into south Florida hurricane codes, good luck! Your
going to need it.  It's not that its very tough.  You just have to hope
that you don't get an upset plans checker.  They can require some really
oddball requirements (wait till you see the impact requirements on all
windows and doors.  They basically take a 2x4 in an air cannon and blast
it at the test assemble a very short distance way to simulate hurricane
debris).  In addition, hold downs must be attached to the roof and a
continuos path of attachments be called out all the way to the
foundation.  Also, they tend to prefer concrete tie beam and tie column
construction in this region as a result of wall pressures reaching
anywhere for 50 to 70 psf.  

The design load is 110 psf unless you are located in a coastal area as
spec'd in the code.  If this is the case then you have a whole new set
of requirements that must be met along with the increased loads.

Study the code and be prepared for several submittals, changes, and
coordinations with the building department.

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Subject: Wind loading in Miami

Is anyone familiar with the code that governs wind loadings for one and
two story dwellings in the Miami (Fla.) area?. I need to know which code
to use.

Thank you,

Juan C. Gray