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RE: Guyed Tower

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OK.  I will blow the dust off my guyed tower file.

The only good programs for tower design that I used in the past were
proprietary, however, I believe that the Navy has one that is for the
public.  The "grand old man" of guyed tower design was Ezra Odley.  He was
with the Navy Dept. Bureau of Yards and Docks in Washington, D.C.  He
published a paper in February of 1966 in the ASCE Journal of the Structural
Division titled Analysis of High Guyed Towers.

Another program called "Tower" was developed by the Coast Guard under
contract # DOT-CG-52604-A by J.W. Melin and Assoc. in Urbana, Illinois.

Another article in the ASCE Journal, July 1979 by Skop, "Cable Spring
Constants for Guyed Tower Analysis", might be helpful.

For what is considered the state of the art here in the age of horseless
carriages and flying machines, I would call Tower Technology 816-358-0003.
Ask for Norm Kuba or Duane Houg.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: RE: Guyed Tower

I am not an expert but using a computer program to model a guy has not been 
satisfactory unless the program is a high end performer.  I have found that 
use of Roark and other hand analysis techniques to be accurate for simple 
systems and was able to verify the loads and sags in the field with 
instruments. I have used pins at both ends of the cable.  I believe the 
statics and not the "computer" when it comes to cables.  The problem imho 
is that most software member models will not allow the user to create a 
pure cable and looks for a non zero number to place in its stiffness matrix 
where a cable needs a zero placed. (flexure)  imho
Bob Hanson, SE

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Subject:	Guyed Tower

I am analyzing a Guyed tower using computer program. Need somebody's expert 
At the point where Guy cables are attached shall I use as a pin connection 
a spring joint, also what about at ground where the cables are anchored. I 
getting quite different results
Thanks in advance