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Re: Guyed Tower

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>I have not designed a tower either but my thought on it is to model it
>by :  if the ground support is point A and the tower connection is point B
>and the cable at point A is not tangent to horizontal (very few would be)
The cable force is statically determinate and the shape falls out of the 
assumption that the cable has no bending stiffness. A given weight of 
cable supported between two specified points assumes one and only one 
shape which you can figure out yourself. The cable tension falls out from 
the end slopes of the catenary curve assumed by the cable so as to 
balance the weight with the resultant force tangent to the curve at the 
ends. The curve doesn't form by elastic deformation like the deflection 
curve of a beam. A finite element approach would be pretty elegant. If 
you used the calculated catenary as model input, you could find the 
results of applied loads on the tower, however.

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