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Re: Guyed Tower

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>Yes, but it is standard practice to pre-tension the cables which would
>result in a larger "virtual" catenary.
Doesn't matter. Increase the tension and the cable just forms a shallower 
catenary. Looking back over that last post of mine, I really didn't state 
it very well. What I was trying (ineffectively) to say was that I think 
you can actually do a linear analysis of the structure under external 
loading which includes the guy wires, but you need to model the wires as 
a catenary with the sag corresponding to the tension you expect. It will 
take some fiddling to get the guys modelled fine enough to reproduce the 
catenary accurately and you'll need to connect the guys to the tower 
carefully to force the connection to carry load only tangentially to the 
guy, but I think the results will have meaning. You just have to include 
the proper statical behavior. As I think about it, you might be able to 
vary the tension in the guy by imposing a phony temperature change which 
would 'tighten' the connection by thermal contraction. Should be fun to 
experiment with.

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