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Re: SEAOC Seismic Design Manual Seminar - Vol. 1

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In a message dated 8/3/99 7:38:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Bill(--nospam--at) writes:

 For those of you who attended the June 12th seminar, I ask, is this event
 worth getting up and going into LA at 7:30 am on a precious Saturday
 Morning? Or, is it more like the February SEAOC wood seminar debacle?
I attended the June seminar.  First off I was told that there is room for 
only about 150 attendees, however aprox. twice that number were allowed in.  
The problems were covered very fast.  Questions were taken after each problem 
at first, but as more and more questions came up, they started limiting the 
number of questions, it was down to one maybe two after the noon break.  Many 
questions were left unanswered.  (And there is always one person in the crowd 
who needs answers to a specific problem he's working on and keeps hogging the 
conversation.)  Due to the number of attendees it was really crowded and not 
very conducive to learning.  I felt even more frustrated after the seminar 
because few of my questions were answered.  (Also keep in mind that this 
show's been on the road for two months, so they may cover the material 
If number of attendees are limited and more questions are answered it could 
be an informative seminar.  Unfortunately you have to wait till you're there 
It could be helpful.