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RE: Timber Bridge Deck Plank Clip

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I have specified a "Weyco" clip.  It is an aluminum angle that is attached
to the deck with carriage bolts and to the stringers with a tab that sits in
a groove routed into the stringer.  If you have the "Timber Bridges" book
from the Forest Service look at Figure 7-24.

You can call Chuck Smokel at Western Wood Structures (1.800.547.5411) for
more info.

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Subject: Timber Bridge Deck Plank Clip

Looking at a 3x12 deck plank continuously spanning over 2'6 OC stringers
(for a golf course bridge), the uplift on interior bearing gets up to 1200#.

The manufacturers of standard pedestrian bridges aren't looking at it this
way, as I have seen a bridge rated for a 10,000# vehicle with no special
plank connection (stringers were at 2' OC, still 1000# + uplift by my
analysis).  My guess is that they assume a wheel base for heavy vehicles and
position the stringers to take the load more or less directly.

Considering the possible odd-ball wheel bases for golf course utility
vehicles, I'd like to have a good fastening device.  In addition, I have
noticed the "slapping" due to a weak connection, which can be annoying on a
golf course.

A local company, Pacal, manufactures a clip, used on public roads, which
fits onto a steel beam and uses (2) double-pointed nails between planks.  I
would think a few self-drilling self-tapping screws would be as good as
that.  I am hoping that something more substantial is available...