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Fwd: Letter from American Engineering Alliance

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June 15, 1999

An Open Letter To All Engineers

Re:	The Ed Turner Case - A Battle That Must Be Won

Dear Colleagues:

Ed Turner, P.E./L.S. was the City Engineer of Idaho Falls, Idaho serving that city for over 20 years. A new city administration demoted him to make room for a non-Engineer, but still required him to sign and seal plans over which he no longer had responsible charge. He refused because it was a clear violation of the Idaho Professional Engineer Licensure Law.

Placed in this impossible situation, he was eventually forced to resign. For several years now, he has been engaged in litigation against those who are responsible for this injustice.

The litigation highlighted situations endangering the entire Engineering Profession:

1. A local government is endangering Public Safety by circumventing State Law which was specifically created to protect it. 2. A trial judge decided that Licensed Professional Engineers do not have the authority to define the term "responsible charge", even though required by law to certify that they possess it when they sign and seal a document. 3. A State Licensing Board, which has the responsibility of enforcing the law has not shown that it has the desire to do so, leaving the Public at unacceptable risk. 4. It appears that the Engineering Profession either will not, or cannot defend itself against those who would turn it into a group of "rubber stampers".

Make no mistake about it. We're all in serious peril if the Ed Turner litigation is not seen through to completion. He needs money RIGHT NOW to continue the fight through a new lawsuit, which will rectify the damages thrust upon him in the first suit. The trial date is October 5, 1999.

Each one of us has the obligation to be part of our Profession's getting off its knees, its standing up for the Public Interest, and its demonstrating to the enemies of Public Safety that Engineers are not such an easy target. If we do not, we will lose even the little influence we still have.

Please send a check IMMEDIATELY to:

			Turner Engineering Litigation Assistance
			P.O. Box 1345
			Idaho Falls, ID 83403-1345

This contribution IS NOT Income Tax deductible. Even if you have previously given, please send another check!

Louis R. Comunelli, P.E.