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Re: Sketches in Mathcad

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It is interesting to note that you are using the mcstrans.exe. I stopped 
using that long ago. They seemed too large for such simple drawings. 

What I would like to do is place a small drawing in the upper right corner of 
any of my mathcad calc sheets that would show "diagramatically" what type of 
calculation I am performing. For instance a beam with a cantilever at one 
end. When I used the mcstrans format with .mcs extensions I was not pleased 
with the simple drawing doubling the size of my file (or worse). I stopped 
doing this due to the huge file size.

As it is I often have mathcad files of one to two megabits of space. With the 
"simple" drawings it was increasing my file size by double, or more. I would 
be very interested to find a method that would place a simple drawing (almost 
like an icon) on the calc sheet and not unduly enlarge my finished file size. 
Maybe this is an impossible dream.

All of my calc sheets are set up with graphical representations of shears, 
moments, deflections, loads, etc. Whatever is important to that particular 
calculation sheet. The files can get large very quickly.

John Ott