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Re: Rigid vs Flexible residential diaphragm discussion

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I don't agree with this - especially in light of the visibility that the 
committees and Listservice have received for adamantly discussing these code 
issues. I think that the problem with most policy makers (not necessarily 
related to our problems as engineers) is the ability to hide behind the 
"machinery". Like Corporations, the responsiblity for the actions of any 
group must be taken by individuals. We have, in the past accepted the idea of 
an inanimate object that is to blame for our woes. Those at the top of the 
machinery are almost untouchable, certainly not personally responsible for 
the actions of the machinery.
With the ability to unit those that provide the foundations supporting the 
"machinery" was are becomming more vocal and slowly bringing forth the 
responsible individuals.

Before anyone thinks that I am justifying an attack against any volunteer 
with good and well intentions, I am not. I can believe that the motives of 
some are self-promoting, but for the vast majority I believe that the 
intentions have been honorable but blind to the entire problem and 
consequences. The collective eyes are starting to open to the problems they 
face and, I think, there is some panic originating as how best to resolve the 

Sometimes the best solutions are the ones we try most to avoid. This is 
understandable, but I would hope that as the Seismology committee realizes 
that there are more unknowns which do not support the objectives of Vision 
2000, they will see that the only reasonable choice in the short term is to 
repeal the code provisions for those specific types of structures with too 
many known complexities that can not be resolved without further study. 

This is only a reasonable solution to allocate more time to better understand 
all of the implications to complex geometric shapes that do not fit into the 
tight interpretations that the code presents. 

So, with that said, I think that the "tin men" of our committee's (and women 
where applicable) may be seeking their hearts by responding to the need of 
the professional community and most important the public.

Dennis Wish PE

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<< ** "THE EMPEROR'S NEW CODES" need more looking into!  We need to unravel 
 **  mystery.
 ** "There are no great men anymore, my son; only Great Committees!"
     (from a cartoon on the wall of the USGS, Menlo Parkl, CA.)