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Re: SEAINT Listservice - So what have we accomplished???

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Regarding John Shipp's message to SEAOC committees

I wish to express my appreciation to John Shipp for
taking a leadership role in the effort to include
the virtual engineering community in having a
voice.  I knew John would come through.

I wish we could keep John around for a few more
terms as president.  I am sure Ron  will do a good
job also, but John is a person I have learned to
respect and a person I know will do the right thing
when faced with difficult situations.

Again, as our elected leader John, I thank you for
leading.  I hope the committee chairs will take your
recommendations to heart.


Seaintonln(--nospam--at) wrote:
> If you think I am going to preach the usual activist babble about the virtual
> community's potential to institute real change in our profession you are
> wrong. As of a few days ago, I am very pleased to announce that we have
> gained considerable ground. The discussions and opinions posted on the List
> have resulted in serious serious contemplation of the problems facing wood
> structures by the Seismology committee and board members. However, our first
> major breakthrough occured on August 3, 1999, as John Shipp, SE, President of
> SEAOC, distributed the following email to the Chairs of each of the SEAOC
> State committees:
> "To: seaocchair(--nospam--at) (structural engineers assn/chairs)
> Subject: Interaction with SEAOC Committees
> The topic of how to involve the listserver community into the active
> participation of the various SEAOC committees has become a topic of
> significant interest/importance.
> By this email, I am asking the chairs of the various SEAOC committees to
> review their current operating procedures and post and implement ideas to
> allow participation of the "virtual community" who cannot participate in
> person.  How can SEAOC promote a free exchange of up-to-date information and
> utilize those who are passionately involved in speciality areas.
> It is far better to include/invite the members of the virtual professional
> community into the code development versus to suffer the slings of arrows
> and technical barbs delivered by those forced to implement code provisions
> that they were not permitted to help develop - recall "no taxation without
> representation".
> John Shipp"
> I hope that each subscriber to this list will join me in congradulating the
> State SEAOC president who established a presecedence that, I believe, will
> open institute the free exchange of ideas. This is a tremendous
> accomplishment that must serve as an example as to how the virtual community
> can change the course of our profession.  It also opens the doors to the many
> specialized practicioneers of structural engineering, who wish to share their
> unique knowledge and understanding of the materials and methods which
> committees need to accomplish goals.
> I am confident that as the torch is passed in October, the insight that John
> has shown will be supported by the new state president - Ron Hamburger, SE.
> I believe that this will be so as Ron has been an active participant in this
> list and, I am sure, realizes the value of the information and knowledge he
> as shared with the Virtual Community.
> Once again, I wish to thank John Shipp for taking the next reasonable step
> and establishing a precedence which will provide the challenge we need to
> establish working guidelines for the future International code making
> community in the evolution of the IBC.
> I also wish to thank all of the active participants in this list who were
> passionate enough about the issues to voice their opinions, seek information,
> use the List for peer review and even to bring a level of social value into
> our homes and offices.
> Sincerely,
> Dennis S. Wish PE