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One possible source of problem could be this:

For unsymmetrical column sections the neutral axis is, in
general, not parallel to the vector of applied moment.

          Neutral Axis
             *                Vector of applied     
            *                    + moment       
           *   |-----------|  +    
          *    |           +  
         *     |        +  |
        *      |     +     |  
       *       |  +        |
      *        +           |                             
     *      +  |-----------|         
    *    +         

Two simultaneous iterations have to performed to find the
distance of the neutral axis from the extreme compression fibre
and the angle between the vector of applied moment and the
neutral axis.

A tricky bit of programming is required to ensure 
convergence of this procedure. For more details of the issues
pertaining to irregular section procedure please take a look at

Michael has rightly chosen a rotated rectangular section to test
the irregular column design software. I had also used the
rotated rectangular section for testing my software with good
results.  Subsequently I located some more test problems. Please
see :

The test problems are based on cube strength (M25 = 28 day cube
strength of 25 newtons per sq mm) and EC2 type of stress block.

I am looking for more worked out examples to test my software.

Rudra Nevatia