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Re: IBC 2000 Final Draft

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The final draft of the 2000 IBC can be obtained by contacting ICBO in 
Whittier, California. You may want to check out their site at 
for more info.

In regard to any changes to be made to this code. The only action remaining 
is the voting on the challenges to the items considered in the last hearing, 
in spring of 99 (diaphragm issue is not one of them). The next chance to 
propose any new changes will be to the first draft of the 2003 IBC (by spring 
of 2001 I believe).

ICBO used to issue such drafts as a supplement to the last published UBC 
edition. I am not sure if that is going to be the case with the IBC. If 
that's the case, the next cycle of approved changes might be issued as 2001 
supplements to the 2000 IBC. I sincerely hope that would be the case, and 
when it comes time by jurisdictions to adopt the IBC, they would adopt it 
with the supplements. By that time we have hopefully addressed some of the 
bugs that were carried over from the UBC to the 2000 IBC.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA