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Re: IBC 2000 Final Draft

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Baby Steps:>)  Your suggestions are essentially our goals. I don't think that 
we will accomplish so much at the begining - changes such as this take 
considerable time to allow all parties to develope the ground rules.
So far as I know, the committee meeting comming up on the 13th will not 
produce documents prior to the meeting and neither will we see any great 
increase (if any) in the documents that appear on the Website. 
Still, the committement by John Shipp and his request of the committees is 
the biggest step to date. The rest is still an uphill struggle that only time 
will work out.
With that said, you ideas are good and should be given serious consideration 
for how they can be included in the working relationship between committees 
and the Virtual community.


In a message dated 8/7/99 1:58:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
sasquake(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Does anyone know how to obtain a copy of the final draft of the IBC 2000 
 will be acted upon during the September meeting in St. Louis?
 Also, cannot the Rigid vs. Flexible residential diaphragm dilemma be settled
 and put to rest before this model code becomes official.  Who will be working
 on this angle?  And where does the IRC 2000 Code weigh in on this 
 James Bela
 Oregon Earthquake Awareness >>