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Re: check it out (Deer Isle Bridge)

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At 08:09 PM 8/9/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Attention  Fellow (Structural) Engineers:
>You might want to check out the current issue (Fall 1999) of American 
>Heritage of INVENTION AND TECHNOLGY,  published by Forbes.
>There is an interesting article, " A Bridge that Didn't Collapse", that 
>discusses the Deer Isle Bridge which was built at the same time and using a 
>similar design as the "Infamous" Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge.
>Just though you might be interested in the subject.
>Please excuse the intrusion if you already subscribe to INVENTION & TECHNOLOGY
>Bob  Johnson
>Public Advocacy Committee  - NCSEA

I do subscribe, and it's an excellent magazine for engineers. The issue
mentioned hasn't arrived yet. Thanks for the alert.

There is also a 44-page pamphlet-sized book on this bridge, which reaches
Deer Isle, Maine across Eggemoggin Reach, in territory that looks very much
like Puget Sound where Tacoma is. The book, by local journalist Clayton H.
Gross, is called "Steel Over Eggemoggin", ISBN #0-941238-06-7, and is sold
by Penobscot Bay Press, Box 36, Stonington ME 04681. I got my copy on a
visit there 10 years ago; the Greenlaws are from Deer Isle. 

The bridge is indeed narrow and spindly, and climbs high from low abutments.
One remembers the crossing.

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA