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Sketches in Mathcad

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When using the *.mcs or other format files with Mathcad do you insert them
into the Mathcad file or do you attach them to the file while leaving them

One of the reasons that I am still looking around is that I do not like the
file size increase or the fact that I can not insert the drawing into the 
Calculation without blowing the calculation file size out of reason. 

I did like the fact that I could make the drawings up quickly in Generic
Cad or AutoCAD, Just keep them simple and remember to explode the drawing 
so that it is all lines,text included, prior to creating a plot file, also 
remember to keep the drawing as simple as possible. Then in DOS run the 
mcstrans.exe program. "OK" now I remember why I am looking for a simpler
sketch program.

I tried to attach one of my sketches to this Email but it came back from
the list service as to large to post (47K) if you want to see on let me
know an I will send it to you direct.

Robert w. Stevens, Jr., P.E.

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