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UBC 1997 Seismic Provisions for Steel Buildings

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At a recent seminar, the following items were brought up or led to my personnal
discovery which may worthy of discussion on this list:

Item 1: Omega Factor (Seismic Force Amplification Factor) is also included for
calculations of equations in Division V, Sect. 2213.5.1

Item 2: The term "gravity loads" in Sections 2213.6.2 and 2213.7.2.1 was
interpreted to mean "factored DL & LL".  I personnally disagree since 1) this
already existed in the 1994 UBC where the loads were calculated using working
stress. 2) When this section (chp22) want one to use load combinations, it
usually states it emphatically (ie. 2213.5.1).

Items 3: There are two guidelines for the design of ASD.  One is at the end of
Part II of Div. 4 and the other is all of Div. 5. of Chap 22 of the Code. 
Which one are people using?

ed gonzalez