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Re: Rigid vs Flexible residential diaphr

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Christopher Wright wrote:

>> >The construction of pressure vessles and pipes is, in 
>my opinion, much more controled than the work done by contractors on 
>buildings in the field. 
Point taken. In fact the pressure vessel codes in particular address 
fabrication as much as design. Moreover the inspection issues are also 
addressed. The fact that there seems to be relatively little control of 
building, especially residential construction scares hell out of me. <<


I think that the reason that pressure vessel codes, design and fabrication 
are much more stringent than building codes is because of the catastrophic 
failures that did occur with pressure vessels at one time.

Until such catastrophic failures occur in buildings, I don't think that we 
will see much improvement in building construction practices, codes, or 

And, when design of pressure vessels is changed by people who say, "We *know* 
much more than those old f**ts, and can design these vessels with a smaller 
factor of safety, and less inspection and less ... " then I think that you 
will see a resurgence of pressure vessel failures.

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A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona