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Re: "Virus"

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Excuse for my mystake. My intention was to sell the information about
"virus" to others persons in my coutry.
Thank for the information and cooperation.
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De: Joyce Fuss <JOYCE(--nospam--at)>
Para: BRIAN DAVIES <BRIAN_DAVIES(--nospam--at)CCM.RA.INTEL.COM>; Bonnie Clark
<marcclark(--nospam--at)>; AFUSS <AFUSS(--nospam--at)>; Gwendolyn
<Gwendolyn_Davies(--nospam--at)>; James Davies <jdavies106(--nospam--at)>; Walter Fuss
<wallyf(--nospam--at)>; Woodland Welding Works <wwwmfg(--nospam--at)>; Rob Thacker, IOR
<RThacker(--nospam--at)>; seaint list <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Data: Terça-feira, 10 de Agosto de 1999 14:13
Assunto: FWD: "Virus"

Subject: "Virus"

Here is a new virus going around. It eats up everything. Do not open any
e-mail from Sassyced(--nospam--at)
Once you open it your computer is dead.

PH: 916-558-1900
FAX: 916-558-1919