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RE: Large Round Hollow Steel Sections

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Pipe manufactures can roll and weld pipe of any size.  There are Spiral Seam
Pipe and Electric Resistance welded pipe that are made from ASTM A36, and
A53 grade A, Fy=30ksi Fu=48ksi to high strength stuff.  American Water Works
Association (AWWA)Design Manual M11, provides pipe design requirements. I
think you could use almost any pipe size diameter and get the section you
want. I would call a local pipe wholesaler or structural steel shop and
verify grade, diameters and wall thickness available. I would design per the
AISC manual for the diameter to wall thickness specified.

Dan Novak

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According to the AISC Hollow Structural Sections Connections Manual, 
round HSS (ASTM A500 grades B and C) may be available in sizes up to 
20 inch diameter.  Keep in mind that the steel used in these 
sections, the process of production, and availability are different 
from ASTM A53 pipe.

> From:          Joyce Fuss <JOYCE(--nospam--at)>
> Subject:       Large Round Hollow Steel Sections
> We are looking for round hollow steel sections larger than the standard   
> 12 inch pipe listed in the AISC ASD manual.  These sections will not   
> typically be heavy-duty, but will be required to support the weight of   
> canopy roofs and withstand the tributary lateral loads, i.e. similar in   
> proportions to standard steel pipe sections.  The projects are located in

> California.  Does anyone have any information on sizes available,   
> structural  specifications, availability, manufacturers, and cost?

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