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Re: Bridge Bearing Pads

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Normally sliding plate bridge bearings are frowned upon because of their poor
performance in seismic events.  But if this isn't a concern, you might want to
look up any of the following companies:

American Bearing Co.
Bloomfield, NJ

Walpole, MA

Con-Serv, Inc.
East Hanover, NJ

(can't find their number)

Or if you want, I can fax you old details which I have from NYSDOT which show
generic sliding plate bearings that any steel fabricator could manufacture.


P.S. The elastomeric pads can effectively act as "roller" supports when only
small rotations have to be accommodated and the combined stress from the
compressive deflection and rotation deflection is within allowable.

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Subject:  Bridge Bearing Pads

I have heard that neoprene or Teflon bearing pads are often used for a
"roller" support.  I contacted JVI who sells structural bearing pads, and
their representative was talking about stainless with a mirror finish - not
exactly what I need.

I have seen just a sliding steel-on-steel plate used before.  Does anyone
have a source of something in the middle ground here?  This is a 10' x 100'
steel bridge with 9" x 12" bearing at (4) points.


Ed Fasula