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RE: Progressive Collapse Design

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Thanks for the information I will check it out. The bldg requirements for design where orginated by the GSA and they require as a minimum any exterior column for two stories may be removed without total building collapse. For interior colomns any one story column may be removed without collapse. Correct me if I am wrong but SAP and Xlinea both do a pushover analysis. SAP does 3-D and Xlinea only 2-D. SAP does not do shear walls while Xlinea does. The pushover analysis gradually increases the load to a specified maximum deflection or failure. If as a minimum columns must be able to be removed how would a push over analysis help. Educate me.

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Subject: RE: Progressive Collapse Design
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If you're interested in a good (but dated) summary of how the subject is
treated in building codes (mostly European), check out "The Avoidance of
Progressive Collapse - Regulatory Approaches to the Problem" by National
Bureau of Standards, NBS-GCR 75-48. My copy is dated October 1975 but maybe
somebody out there knows of a newer version...

Brian McDonald

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Subject: Progressive Collapse Design

I have an upcoming project requiring design for progressive collapse. What
are the sources for such design, manuals, FM's, books, etc? Has anyone used
RAM Xlinea for such design?

I believe if you have not been required to design with this in mind you will

in the near future.

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