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Fw: Precst Shear Wall Systems

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The original posting did not receive any response.  If the references cited
do not govern the design of lateral force resisting systems comprised of
precast concrete shear panels, I will appreciate the clarification.

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From: Mark D. Anderson <mda(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Friday, July 23, 1999 11:44 PM
Subject: Precst Shear Wall Systems

>1.  How are UBC Sections 1921.2.1.6 and 1629.9.2 intended to be applied to
>lateral force resisting systems comprised of precast concrete panels with
>discrete mechanical (welded) connectors?  What difference does it make
>whether the panels are load bearing or non-load bearing?
>2.  For the case of a bearing wall system comprised of precast concrete
>panels, how are UBC Sections 1921.2.1.7 and 1921.2.2.7 intended to be
>I am new on the list - if these matters have been addressed previously, I
>will appreciate the references.
>Mark D. Anderson,  Anchorage AK