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AISC Seismic Provisions

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Thanks Lanny & Mike for your previous response on the UBC Steel Provisions. 
Now regarding the AISC, could maybe any of you or other explain the following:

1.  Regarding Sect. 9.2b of AISC EQ Prov.: If per 9.2b, Mu must be at least
equal to Mp, why is Vu in 9.2c allowed to be limited to Vdl+Vll+Vs+Veq(factored
loads).  The  Commentary indicates that lower combinations of end moments may
be justified in some cases but 1) it is not clear as to how this occurs/when 2)
makes it sound like this lowering effect is a rare occurance while 9.2b
infatically states, " the required shear need not exceed the shear resulting
from Load Case 4-1".  Why the limit on shear?

2. Do the provisions regarding SMF emphatically tell you anywhere that one must
seek to form the plastic hinge away from the face of the column?

ed gonzalez