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RE: Mathcad and or Excel

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I agree. I use both heavily.

Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

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> << I like the ability to define and keep track of units with 
> Mathcad.  Does 
>  Excel have a similar capability?  If it does, I haven't found it.
>  Nels Roselund
>  Structural Engineer >>
> No - Excel can not track units. The main differences between 
> the two programs 
> is that Mathcad is more or less an electronic calcpad that 
> internally defines 
> and balances units. Excel is a programming tool that allows 
> the user to use a 
> much wider array of functions, conditional statements and 
> database functions 
> (lookup table, sorting, array translations etc.).
> I don't think I could possibly restrict myself by working 
> with one or the 
> other. I rely heavily upon both programs as there are simply 
> many things that 
> Mathcad is incapable of that can only be accomplished - or 
> acccomplished much 
> easier - in a spreadsheet program.
> Dennis