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Excel vs Mathcad

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    You can label each cell in a spreadsheet (e.g. "w", "DL", "LL", "M").  
This works fine if you have only one cell per label.  But what if you want to 
have more than one similar calculation on a single spreadsheet?
    For instance, I use a template I developed to analyze simple span, steel 
beams.  The template is 14 lines.  I use "Arial 10" font and can get 3 steel 
beam calculations on a single 8 1/2" x 11" sheet (trying to conserve paper, 
thus file thickness).  For each project, all my calculations are in ONE 
spreadsheet.  The cell labeling method doesn't work in this scenario.
    Is everyone else using a single spreadsheet for each beam calculation?

John P. Riley, SE
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa