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Re: Story Drift: 1994 UBC vs. 1997 UBC

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Bill and All:

Your comparison is to the allowable drift of Section 1630.10.  Anybody got a clue how this squares with the second paragraph of 2315.1?
"Permissible deflection shall be that up to which the diaphragm and any attached distributing or resisting element will maintain its structural integrity under assumed loads conditions, i.e. continue to support assumed loads without danger to occupants of the structure."

Since 1630.10 is general and 2315.1 is specific to wood it could be argued the story drift is not mathematically limited in wood structures.

Also are the "assumed" loads code minimum loads?

Just a thought.

Bob Bossi

Bill Allen wrote:

See revised calculations at:

Still, Dm > 0.025 * h (slightly, but this is a fairly low stressed shear


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA