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Re: Employers Rights to your Spreadsheets

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I am in general agreement with many points William Kiel made and my
philosphy is similar. However, I suspect if you have developed
spreadsheets or any computer program on company time, your employer can
lay claim to it. You stated "I have over 1300 hours invested" but what
portion of that time was spent during working hours and therefore time
that your employer was paying you?  Do you have a written agreement with
your employer? Does he clearly understand your position?

Do you let other engineers use your spreadsheets? Do they get to keep
them (and therefore your former employer) when you leave?

I assume that you store these on your computer at work and when you
delete them, they never really go away. Perhaps they might even be
stored on the network backup tapes, etc. They are recoverable.

I think there may be many of us in this same situation and I want to
find out how others have handled it.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.