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RE: Employers Rights to your Spreadsheets

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To me, this is a minor issue.

I have developed some design aids of my own over the years, which I used
(and most, eventually discarded as I came up with better solutions) and
which I'm sure others have taken and used.

Unless you are into "commercial potential" for these kinds of things (i.e.
you want to SELL them rather than just use them) there is nothing preventing
you from keeping copies of your stuff you've developed and using them at the
next venue, etc.

I have found that even employers with rather strict computer software use
policies, like mine, find it hard to police everything (and most of the
rules are "catch alls" designed to make management feel better, anyway. Sort
of like the "illegal aliens" laws).

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> I am in general agreement with many points William Kiel made and my
> philosphy is similar. However, I suspect if you have developed
> spreadsheets or any computer program on company time, your
> employer can
> lay claim to it. You stated "I have over 1300 hours invested" but what
> portion of that time was spent during working hours and therefore time
> that your employer was paying you?  Do you have a written
> agreement with
> your employer? Does he clearly understand your position?
> Do you let other engineers use your spreadsheets? Do they get to keep
> them (and therefore your former employer) when you leave?
> I assume that you store these on your computer at work and when you
> delete them, they never really go away. Perhaps they might even be
> stored on the network backup tapes, etc. They are recoverable.
> I think there may be many of us in this same situation and I want to
> find out how others have handled it.
> Jim Kestner, P.E.
> Green Bay, Wi.