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Re: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

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I'm uncomfortable with the idea of my computer "automatically" sending information to some one else.  I know the SETI people say all that is transferred is the results of their own data, but it could include other stuff too.  Any thoughts?


"Caldwell, Stan" wrote:

There is a great new free screensaver that you should be aware of,
SETI@home.  More than 876,000 people in 223 countries are currently using it
in an organized effort to search for signs of extraterrestrial life.  This
is being sponsored by the Planetary Society, and is coordinated by
UC-Berkeley.  When your computer is idle, the screensaver automatically
downloads a small (700K) packet of space noise data from a server at
Berkeley.  It then takes this time-domain data and processes it in the
frequency domain with fast fourier transforms to look for sounds emitted by
intelligent life.  When the analysis is finished (every couple of days), the
results are automatically sent to Berkeley and a new data packet is
downloaded.  You will be notified by email if your computer is the one that
finds ET.  While the screensaver runs, the results are displayed both in
text and in colorful graphs.  Pretty cool!  You can get SETI@home at

Best Regards,

Stan Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE
Still searching for signs of intelligent life!

P.S. In Texas?!?     ;->