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RE: Mathcad and or Excel (Mathcad 8 Question)

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Isn't version 8 buggy in this regard?  I inquired about it when it came out.
I was wondering if it was better than version 7, which I own.  The reply
was, "no."  Version 7 has a bug with OLE objects-when you resize a "sketch,"
then move it, it returns to the original size.  I have tried resizing it
outside of Mathcad before pasting it, but it seems that there is no way to
control the way Mathcad sizes something when I bring it in.  Display of
vectors (& matrices) did not "stick" to the format I make them.
I once spent a long time formatting the whole sheet with fonts I preferred,
to make my own template.  The final result was the fonts were not printed
correctly and everything looked like garbage.  When I try to format a
Mathcad sheet I see red.  I don't even try to make them look nice anymore.
It's not worth the frustration.  Again, I heard version 8 was no better.
I'd be happy if I were proved wrong...


   >Try Mathcad Version 8. You can get very "stylish" output
   >formats, and you
   >can set up a "border sheet" that will allow you to print
   >your calcs to a
   >standard form (viz. with company logo, "calculated by" and
   >"checked by"
   >lines, etc.).