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Re: parking sttructure live load

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Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 3:02 PM
Subject: parking sttructure live load

>What is the most commonly used live load for the design of parkiing
>or garages with metal deck and steel girders. 50 psf live load per UBC seem
>to be little weak. Any comments?

Per another post apparently the code wierdos share the opinion that 50 psf
is "a liitle weak".
In the automobile capital of the known universe, 50 psf, reducible to 30 psf
minimum on beams girders and columns has proven to be quite satisfactory for
parking structures for which completed deck area can be counted in square
MILES.   I wonder what so called problem is being addressed by the increased
loadings,  as reported elsewhere?   For metal deck the 2000 pound wheel load
will control, but it never does (mathematically or performance-wise) for
typical concrete structures of flat plate or beam and slab framing, even
when 4.5 inch thick slabs were commonly provided.