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Re: '97 UBC and Proprietary Shearwalls

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Dennis --
Why not tell the architect we now need a minimum aspect ratio of 2:1 for
shearwalls.  If you use MBR tie downs, you'll have the same system that the APA
has been testing for 40 years.  Sheathed shearwall's have a multitude of virtues:
a long history of good performance, great redundancy, excellent damping
characteristics, some idea about appropriate design load values, good economics,
and the carpenters know how to build them (more or less).  You cannot say the
same for Hardi-frames.

On the subject of da, does anyone have a contact at ICBO evaluation services that
could provide the test data for all the tie downs ICBO has certified?  Even
better, ICBO could simply require that all tie down manufacturers publish da as a
part of the certification process.  Either as a single value spring constant, or
as a table of values  similar to en.  If the information was available on the
ICBO website the problem would be solved. This really is ICBO's problem and they
should solve it.  Even if they had to make educated estimates about some da
values, at least the liability would then clearly be where it belongs.  Does
anyone have a good contact at ICBO ES?
Chuck Utzman