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Plan Irregularity - need advice

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I am designing a custom home which is, essentially "U" Shaped although one 
portion of one of the legs is skewed by approximately 20 degrees. All walls 
are bearing and capable of resisting lateral loads. The walls of the skewed 
section are parallel and perpendicular to the skewed diaprhagm.

I want to reduce the shear in portions of two sections of the home by draging 
the diaprhagm shear through two drag trusses into shearwalls which are 
aligned with the trusses.

Does this constitute an irregularity?

Although there a lot of "jogs" in the building, the edges of all diaprhagms 
are on bearing walls or headers and each edge can act as a shearwall if 

The diaprhagms are a variation of gabled trusses, scissor trusses and flat 
(1/4" in 12") sloped sections. Following the current code, it is assumed that 
the diaprhagm is considered monolithic and contains no discontinuities. 

If this does not constitute a plan irregularity (there are no vertical 
irregularities) then would I be required to design the structure for torsion?

Also, the only place where embedded columns are used are at the patio which 
is ledgered out from the face of the exterior walls and is independent of the 
gabled roof sections.

I could use some advice on this one.