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Loose a file - Go Back in time and retrieve it

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On a whim, I purchased a program called Go Back by Wild File and which is 
available at Best Buy and most major software discount houses. I've used the 
program while installing a new hard drive and now wonder how I ever got along 
without it.
Go Back reserves a portion of your hard drive (about 10%) and, at safe times, 
writes a copy of all of the changes you made in the process of working. It 
copies all of the sector information to a BIN file. The file size determines 
how much of a history it can maintain, but using 500 MB I maintained a weeks 
worth of information. When you are sure that your computer is running well 
and find no conflicts, you can delete the history information and start fresh.
Where it really comes in handy are the times that you corrupt a drawing or 
accidently save changes to it and regret it later. Let's assume that you 
worked on the Stadium.dwg drawing for two days and then the client decides 
that he wanted the version that was done 24 hours ago - reflecting changes 
but not as radical as the one you ended up with. Normally, you would have to 
either anticipate the clients needs or modify the latest version to return it 
to the state it was 24 hours ago.
You can review all of the versions of Stadium.dwg that were maintained in Go 
Back's history and retrieve any one of them - including the one you did 24 
hours ago. You can save it to a new name or place it in a different location 
on your hard drive. Couldn't be easier.

Now assume you installed a piece of software like Internet Explorer which is 
a bear to uninstall. Assuming you liked the previous version better, you need 
only Go Back in time to a point prior to your installation and return your 
hard drive the that state - eliminating all files changed by the installation 
and reinstating the previous version. 

Assume you created files after the installation that you need to save but you 
used Go Back to return your drive to the point it was before the install. All 
files from that point forward appear to be destroyed. Not so! Go Back's 
history allows you to retrieve specific files created after you reverted the 
drive and retrieve those files. 

I installed a software than overwrote system DLL's and caused a Blue Screen 
Error. Windows error message indicated I should reinstall Windows. No chance.
I rebooted my machine and Go Back gives you the option of continuing with 
windows (which would have been fruitless at this point) or to revive your 
hard disk to a point before the error occured. This is just what I did and as 
Go Back copied the sector information back to my drive and reinstated all 
files in tact before the crash occured.

If you didn't go back far enough, just click on the Go Back icon and go back 
a bit further - sometimes it takes a few tries to get to the precise point 
that you want to be at. 
Go Back tracks each time you reboot. It also looks for inactivity where no 
problems occured and creates a safe point. It then advises you where the safe 
points are so you can return to them in the event of problems.

The program is $49.95 at Best Buy and I serously would not be without it from 
now on. I'm not sure if there other programs that do the same thing, but this 
one seems to work flawlessly. The only down side is if you are short on Drive 
space since the longer you wish to keep the history the larger the portion of 
your drive you must reserve. I have not been able to tell how much time I can 
get of 500 MB or 100 MB. I use 300 mB on my laptop and reduced the reserve 
from 1 gig on my 13 gig drive to 500 MB. So far no problems.
You can learn more about the program at

This one is highly recommended.

Dennis S. Wish PE