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Re: Buckling of Thin Plates

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Mr. Greg , I have not found Noel Murray in anywhere ( it is out of print ). I have Timoshenko , but  there is little practice information like the infuence of the rigidity
and spacing of several longitudinal and transversal ribs. In Klöppel and Scheer book "Beulwert" there is a complete information about the subject, but the book
also is out of print and I did'nt find in anywhere of the Web. Do you know if there
is this book or equivalent of another author , in english language.How do you , in
USA , design steel box girder with several longitudinal and transversal ?Is there
any software available in this subject? I thank you in advance.
João Rocha
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Data: Terça-feira, 27 de Julho de 1999 00:04
Assunto: Re: Buckling of Thin Plates

     Timoshenko in "Theory of elastic stability" gives a good section on plates with ribs.  Another reference is: Introduction to the Theory of Thin-Walled Structures by Noel W. Murray and published by Oxford Science Publications which is a part of Clarendon Press in Oxford my copy is 1986.  Let me know privately if you have a problem obtaining it.
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Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 10:01 AM
Subject: Buckling of Thin Plates

Can anyone help me ,I am looking for some  books about buckling of plates under shearing and normal stresses with several transversal and longitudinal stiffners and how the rigidity of this, influence the buckling. Do you know  some
softwares about the subject ?.Thanks in advance.
João Rocha