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RE: dll,exe, ini,etc

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> Most files are not data files and can not be associated with
> a program or
> launched outside the program. If the software is installed
> properly, it
> should register all file types in the System Registry - which
> you can review
> with MicroSofts Regedit. Be very careful as any change you
> make can adversly
> affect your ability to use Windows and may force you to
> reinstall Windows.

As I understood it, Greg was mainly interested in files that can be
launched.  For example jpg files.  So if he makes a mistake in defining a
program to open the file, he can do the following:

Go to any folder and select view, folder options, file types.  Erroneous
entries can then be deleted then re-defined as you explained.  (Assuming

BTW, do you (or anyone) know what the deal is with Outlook's handling of
quoted text, above.  The lines are wrapped as if there are linefeeds in the
text.  It looks like garbage and I can't seem to stop it.