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RE: parking structure live load

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When I have done surveys, the 50 psf is adequate for passenger car loads.
If you consider top decks you may have to add snow loading and probably
drifting snow provisions.  Often times there are areas that 

Another consideration is if the parking deck is designated as a "fire
fighting platform".  In this case the AASHTO HS20 loading will not even be
adequate.  You must consider maximum outrigger loads of aerial platform
trucks.  There are no codes that govern this, but it will govern for the
slab thickness for beam shear and punching shear.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: parking sttructure live load

What is the most commonly used live load for the design of parkiing
or garages with metal deck and steel girders. 50 psf live load per UBC seem 
to be little weak. Any comments?