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RE: Wood: Are you as confused as I?????

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Consider me as "dazed and confused" :o).

I am anxiously awaiting:

The seismology committee meeting minutes from the August 13 meeting (did
Frank Lew's proxy show up?)

The 1999 SEAOC Blue Book (will that help?)

Any and all clarifying "white papers" SEAOC seems compelled to publish

More design manuals (with even more examples going even deeper in detail and
broader in scope). IMO, these should have been out LONG before July 1st,
but, realistically, I probably wouldn't have paid attention to them until I
had to do some billable hours with 'em.

Someone, somewhere taking the time to generate a 1997 UBC FAQ list and put
it on the 'Net.

Until then, I feel like, as of July 1st, I was forced to prepare my
calculations in metric and my correspondence in German.

I started to lose confidence when:

I discovered a fairly standard shear wall will not meet Code (section
1630.10.1 - see my calculations at which are
unconservative since I divided the nail slip by 2 when the wood is not
surface dry)

I had to design a simple block fence (a line item in Table 16-O) and found
ap and Rp in Table 16-O. AFAIK, ap and Rp only occur in Eqn. 32-2. How would
one define the term "h sub r" for a stinkin' block fence?

I felt like a dog chasing his tail with regards to working stress design,
strength design, divide by 1.4, multiply by 1.7, 1/3 increase, no allowable
increase, yadda, yadda, yadda.

10/lw what?

And finally, for the first time (I believe) in ICBO history, there will be
NO intermediate year amendents to correct and clarify all this crap.

Dennis, you really want to know why no one wants to talk about the 1997 UBC?
It's simple. We are all waiting to wake up and the nightmare to end.


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

> But don't be surprised if no one responds.  People
> are tired and confused by this subject.
> Lynn